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If you have fallen over in hospital whilst as a patient, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim.

In most cases, those who suffer from a slip, trip or fall in the hospital are elderly. Often, such a fall may result in broken bones or serious bruising.

Where you or your loved one has suffered a fall in a hospital caused by negligent staff care, you should speak to a no-win-no-fee personal injury solicitor about starting a claim.

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Fall in Hospital Compensation Claims

There are various potential causes of falls in hospitals, including:

  • Wet floor.
  • The patient did not call for assistance.
  • A nurse does not respond promptly to an assistance call.
  • Clutter.
  • Failure to assess a patient when they are admitted.
  • Failure to provide walking aids.
  • Confusion regarding medication.

If you trip, fall or slip while in the hospital, it may be the hospital staff’s fault. They are in charge of providing all patients with care and ensuring they don’t fall whilst on wards or in hallways as far as is practicable.

The management of the hospital is responsible for its upkeep and operations. They must ensure adherence to all safety regulations and procedures. To prevent patients from falling or slipping, staff must be well trained and wards staffed to capacity.

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Making a Claim for a Fall in a Hospital

Falling in hospital often only exacerbates a patient’s existing reason for their admission, and in addition to any physical injuries they incur, it can also cause emotional trauma.

Following a fall in a hospital, it is essential to take action quickly by reporting the incident and gathering any evidence. Photos and videos are helpful in such scenarios and can act as evidence.

For the best chance at reaching a favourable outcome, it is paramount that you speak to an experienced no-win, no-fee personal injury solicitor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is medical negligence defined?

Medical negligence is described as a breach in a medical or healthcare professional’s of duty of care. In other words; when the standard of care falls below that which is expected of a competent practitioner.

Who can I bring a medical negligence claim against?

You can bring a compensation claim against private hospitals, cosmetic clinics, the NHS, dentists, GPs, nurses and other providers of medical treatment and care.

How long will it take?

Every case is unique so it’s difficult to give a precise time frame as it depends on a number of factors. If liability is admitted during our investigation into the cause of your injury, the case will be settled significantly quicker than if it’s disputed. Another factor that can speed up a claim is if you return any documentation we send you as soon as possible and respond quickly to any questions we may have.

The extent of your injury also has a huge bearing on your case. Generally, the more serious the injury and the long-term implications of it, the longer it may take to fully calculate your claim’s value. We’re also bound by Civil Procedure rules, which allow the defendant’s solicitors time to investigate the circumstances around your injury before they have to respond to us.

How long do I have to make a claim?

Generally, you can make a claim for compensation up to three years from the date of your injury. This is what we call the limitation period. There are, however, some circumstances where the limitation period is two years. To find out more, call us.

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