NHS Negligence: High Waiting Times – do you have a claim?

Dec 20, 2023 | Medical Negligence

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As NHS waiting times in England continue to reach record highs, it is essential to understand your rights should you face a delay that adversely impacts your health.

Earlier this year, in July, figures were released highlighting that 7.68 million people were waiting for treatment, a jump of more than 100,000 people in a month.

As winter draws closer and the NHS faces further strain, Wales announced record highs for their waiting lists in November, with 594,000 patients awaiting treatment.

Hospitals that were already struggling have been under even more pressure due to the strikes led by consultants and junior doctors since December 2022, according to NHS bosses.

Summer 2023 was the busiest yet for emergency departments, with over 6.5 million attendances across June, July and August. These visits are expected to increase further during the winter, with health leaders warning that the situation is becoming increasingly dire.

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the NHS has struggled to cope with demand, causing a backlog in treatment. Just before March 2020, 4.4 million people were waiting for treatment. This number has risen by almost 3.6 million in the three years since.

Although numbers have showed signs of slowing down at various points since, waiting times remain high, causing a significant backlog in various aspects of treatment, particularly for non-urgent operations.

To find out about hospital waiting times in your area this winter, utilise this postcode tracker.

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Delayed Treatment Claims

The figures highlighted in this article show that, unfortunately, it is common to experience a delay when being treated by the NHS or in the private healthcare sector.

Should a delay you have experienced lead to an unfavourable impact on your health, you may be entitled to compensation.

At The Personal Injury People, our experienced personal injury and medical negligence solicitors often assist clients when they have faced delayed diagnosis or treatment that affected the outcome of their health adversely as a result.

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