Hospital Waiting Lists Still Over 7 Million

Jun 19, 2024 | Medical Negligence

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According to recent news reports, hospital waiting lists reached 7.57 million as of the end of April 2024. While this has come down slightly since its peak in September 2023, the figures have risen from 7.54 million from the previous month.

An article, published by BBC News, also features findings from a report by the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), who has warned that delayed waits for cancer care are becoming routine across the UK and that weekly delays are commonplace in nearly half of all specialist cancer centres.

Cancer Research UK is calling for the next government to commit to a long-term cancer strategy for England. It highlights that waiting time targets in England have not been met since December 2015, with analysis showing that over 300,000 cancer patients in England had not been treated within this prescribed time.

NHS England says wait times for treatment are now the lowest they have been since April 2020, and other targets, such as initial diagnosis or ruling it out within 28 days, are being met. However, in response to NHS data, the cancer charity MacMillan has said:

“For over a decade, published figures on the number of people waiting for a diagnosis or treatment for cancer have shown the huge challenge facing NHS cancer services, with tens of thousands of people waiting for too long for diagnosis or vital treatment.”

It is hoped that the next government, whoever that might be, will fulfil the various election promises within the party manifestos, several of which specially set out pledges for the NHS and treatment performance targets for cancer and other diseases. 

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Delayed Hospital Treatments

Early diagnosis is crucial for successfully treating of a wide range of illnesses and conditions. When medical professionals fail to diagnose or treat a condition at an early stage, it can have serious consequences on a patient’s health and quality of life. Delayed diagnosis can result in prolonged pain and suffering, as well as the need for more extensive and costly treatment. In some cases, a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can even be life-threatening.

At The Personal Injury People, we understand the importance of timely diagnosis in preventing further harm and suffering and the devastating impact or suffering a medical negligence injury can have on your life, affecting not just you but those of your family and loved ones.  

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