How long do road traffic accident claims take?

Jan 26, 2024 | Road Traffic Accidents

The Personal Injury People

Depending on the accident’s severity, the damage incurred by the vehicle(s) and the injury caused, road traffic accident claims can take between 12 and 18 months to settle.

The aftermath of involvement in a road traffic accident can be traumatic, and the thought of pursuing a compensation claim can be overwhelming, particularly where you have sustained a serious or life-changing injury.

In this article, The Personal Injury People, consider how long car crash claims take and explain what you should do if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

What affects how long a claim takes?

Two key factors are likely to impact how long a claim takes to be resolved, including:

  • Medical evidence of injury.
  • Assessment of liability for who is at fault.
  • The insurance company.
  • The type of accident.

The process will likely take longer if liability is disputed from the outset of the case. In order to successfully defend your case, you should instruct an experienced personal injury solicitor. Speak to The Personal Injury People today about making a claim.

Your injuries may require assessment by Medical Experts from both sides of the case (Claimant/Defendant) to ensure that a balanced and fair opinion is concluded and, as a result, you receive the appropriate compensation.

How is compensation calculated?

Once again, no two accidents are the same, so it is impossible to know precisely what you are entitled to without speaking to you and investigating the case. However, the factors that will be considered include:

  • Whether the extent of your injuries prevents you from working, so as a result, you face a loss of earnings.
  • Whether you were the owner of the car and you lost use of your vehicle whilst it was being repaired or replaced.
  • Whether the extent of your injuries has required home modification.
  • Whether you have been liable to pay for any medical expenses or are expecting to pay them in future.
  • Whether you had to pay for travel expenses to attend medical treatment appointments.

Making a Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claim

If you have sustained an injury in a traffic accident on the road, speaking to a personal injury solicitor is vital. At The Personal Injury People, we work on a no-win, no-fee basis, and our experienced team thoroughly understands the process of obtaining compensation. We will work quickly, concisely and with great care to ensure your claim is settled promptly whilst obtaining the maximum compensation from the person responsible.

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