Top Tips for Your Business on How to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Oct 19, 2023 | Accidents at Work

The Personal Injury People

In this article, the experienced personal injury solicitors at The Personal Injury People advise on some ways you, as an employer, can help minimise the risks your employees face.

How to Prevent Workplace Accidents

There are several ways in which an employer can ensure that their workplace is safe for their employees. We outline some of these precautions and practices below:

  • Provide regular health and safety training and ensure that your staff understand the possible risks they face at work, allowing them to be conscious and subsequently cautious on a day-to-day basis. By carrying out mandatory training on a regular basis, your staff are less likely to become complacent and lose concentration.
  • Communicate with your staff about the potential risks before particular tasks to ensure that they consider potential risks that they may not have previously.
  • Ensure you give your staff the opportunity to ask questions. If an employee has grasped the level of risk that they are faced with at work, they are more likely to work vigilantly, reducing the overall risk that they face.
  • Give your staff sufficient time and resources to become familiar with their surroundings. In more high-risk settings, it may be appropriate to implement company policies requiring employees to carry out their own risk assessments daily or ahead of risk-endorsing tasks.
  • Ensure that your staff feel comfortable approaching you regarding any newfound risks that arise. In doing so, they will keep alive to new risks, either in new or existing scenarios and as a result, you will be able to take steps to mitigate these risks in the future.

The level of risk posed in a workplace greatly depends on the industry, environment, staff experience and dedication to health and safety. As an employer, taking sufficient steps to protect your employees’ health and safety prevents workplace accidents where possible and will likely mean that your employees feel valued and protected in the workplace.

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The Personal Injury People house a team of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable personal injury solicitors, supporting clients across England and Wales to claim compensation due to an accident at work. The consequences of failing to create a safe work environment for employees can be extensive for any business. However, workplace accidents persist daily in the UK.

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